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Jeremy Halliburton...

Has shared a bill with Reckless Kelly, Charlie Robison, Cody Canada, Roger Creager, Kevin Fowler, Jarrod Birmingham, Larry Joe Taylor, Matt King, Kevin Welch, George Devore, Honeybrowne, Houston Marchman, Mark Jungers, and many others...he's also a notorious name dropper.


Recorded his sophomore effort “Good Vinyl” in an RV down by the river.


Enjoys Alpha-Bits cereal and Milwaukee’s Best Light beer…just not at the same time.


Has been nominated for Record of the Year and DJ of the Year at the My Texas Music Awards.


Performs a few times a year with his brother-in-law Chad Rode in their bluegrass side project, Los Grassy Brothers.


Spent fifteen years in radio…and has nothing to show for it.


Has had two songs recorded by Jarrod Birmingham (“Whiskey & Lies” and “There You Are”), and one by Eric Page (“Here I Come”).


Brings the thunder when playing the kazoo…not so much with the guitar.


Produced the Kevin Fowler track “Road Song Medley”, which appears on the cd “Texas Road Trip”.


Has performed at the Luling Watermelon Thump, Cuero Turkeyfest, Victoria Bootfest, and the Sweethome Music Festival.


Cries every time he hears the Tom T. Hall song “Pay No Attention To Alice”.


Doesn’t know how to answer when people ask what kind of music he plays…is Texamericanarootsfolkbluesgrassabillycountryrockadelic a genre?